You are sitting in the Lulu, minding your own business, when out of nowhere you hear someone say "check your privilege," or, "that is just perpetuating the patriarchy." You smile to yourself and think, "wow, that's so Wellesley," and resume your previous task.  As time passes though, you notice that although the group of students talking in your vicinity has changed, the conversation seems to be the same. You hear students discussing the woes of teaing a society, or how the Senate Bus token machine is perpetually broken, or how so-and-so's boyfriend at Harvard is making the trek down over to Wellesley and it's sweet how dedicated they are to each other.  If you have been wondering if you are the only one who has noticed that there are only about seven topics of conversation at Wellesley and are constantly getting deja-vu, you are not alone.

This blog is dedicated to the acknowledgement of such issues at dear old Swells.  To bringing up the tired issues we've all discussed a thousand and two times and displaying them in a new light.  To boldly go where no Wellesley student has gone before... or at least not in the past semester or two.

Please note that this blog is for humor purposes and is not affiliated with Wellesley College.  Please note that the people and events mentioned are fictional (i.e. please don't sue me).

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